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An Interview with Prof Jean Pascal on IPCC Report: Climate Change Mitigation

An Interview with Prof Jean Pascal on IPCC Report: Climate Change Mitigation

What would have happened if there was never a report like that of IPCC that checked our activities? Likewise without a report of such, how habitable will the planet look like? This tells us that each report is a call to action and to compliment the report, the climate justice movement has the face of young people. Since this report seeks the global assessment of climate change mitigation progress and pledges, and examines the sources of global emissions, it is imperative to note that climate change sensitivity is not limited to the environmental sector – every sector is a contributor to the changes we see today. Hence, we need a climate smart approach. In the course of my interview with Prof Jean Pascal, former vice chair of IPCC; he gave an overview that is in the report. He stated the fact that; there is a need for efficiency in the use of energy; “reduce the wastage and increase the energy efficiency.” further stating the fact that the cleanest of energy is the energy we have not used.

Thus, from the report there was a little progress that was made as stated by Prof Jean Pascal too but then the current commitment does not correlate with the true reality of the climate crisis; we still not on the track yet in winning the race against the climate crisis. It is just like climate action is moving in a progressive progression while climate change [global warming] is moving in an arithmetic progression. This shows that there is more to do in keeping our commitments in short terms than long terms. We keep making more pledges rather than the action needed. The Industrial Revolution has brought us this far, hence there is a need for an energy revolution that is sustainable and affordable.

Likewise, during the interview with Prof Jean Pascal, he re-echo the fact that the “remaining carbon budget is dwindling very fast and at the current emission level, it will be empty – that is where the urgency comes into play.” This could amount to overshoot in which the point of no return sets in. Then adaptation especially for vulnerable countries like mine will be difficult if we don’t mitigate it. This is why carbon neutrality by 2050 when we can act now is like setting a pace for a warmer world. Every IPCC report matters!

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