About iLeadclimate

Oladosu Adenike is an ecofeminist, climate justice activist & an eco-reporter. She's the founder of ILeadClimate. 

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ILeadClimate is a panAfrica movement that carries out grassroots-based climate action such as the advocacy on the restoration of Lake Chad, raising awareness about climate induced problems in conflict zones & African societies for disarmament, regional stability & the sustainence of livelihoods. We believe that, peace is not just the absence of war, it is also the ability to sustain one's livelihood. The time to act is now because we can neither isolate, nor quarantine from the impacts of climate change.


To be parts of the solution in tackling the biggest crisis of our time.


1. Advocating for the restoration/recharging of Lake Chad. 

2. Building a climate smart education through youth involvement.

3. Setting the pace in centering climate action through an Ecofeminism lens.

4.  Amplifying solutions across sectors.

5. Championing green democracy

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  1. Hi Oladosu, thank you for your talk on IFOAM training EOALC today. I am one of the trainees. I am from South Africa, my name is Busisiwe Mgangxela.