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An Interview with Dr Otto Friederike, IPCC AR6 Lead Author

An Interview with Dr Otto Fredrick, IPCC AR6 Lead Author

This is not the first the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report will be released but every report comes with a strong warning. As the climate crisis progresses, there comes loss and damage that we can no longer adapt to. This second part of the sixth assessment report on adaptation and vulnerability is of no doubt that it is another red alert – the vulnerability of climate change increases the more we invest on fossil fuel. According to Dr Otto Fredrick during my virtual interview with her, Otto further buttressed that, “we will not be able to deal with the climate crisis if we don’t invest in governance and education.” Further stating that, “we will not be able to deal with the climate crisis that way if we don’t decrease our vulnerability and increase resilience. Invariably, we need to decrease all vulnerability in order to adapt to it – we cannot continue to adapt to the impacts while emissions keep rising.

Otto, who has been participating in the IPCC report processes, stated that; climate change is not primarily a physical crisis but a justice and equity crisis – that is what the report is highlighting. Hence, without climate finance, loss and damage becomes inevitable. Also, without access to finance then you cannot adapt, that is, we cannot build a strong institution. Likewise, in every vulnerability of climate change, there is always a loss and damage to deal with. For every IPCC report, it remains that we all have a responsibility in order to win the race against the climate crisis. Acting on the climate crisis now will be more beneficial with decreasing loss and damage than acting on it later. Any delay in climate change is now a denial of the realities of the impact so we don’t need to wait for 2030, or beyond before we act on the climate crisis.

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