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A festival at Graz, Austria by Oladoso Adenike

Human Nature:  A festival at Graz, Austria by Oladosu Adenike (Email

Since the advent of man, He has symbiotically lived with his environment. Man can’t live without the environment nor can the environment can live without man. Hence the “nature” of man is his environment, of which climate change is a principal contributor nature has linked man to his climate dependent environment, that is, we exhale carbondioxide and plant uses it for energy production. Also, man’s activities are based on its interaction with its environment; as it serves him with all the socio-economic aspect of life. In him book, “Forest Removal: The nature history of an ancient forest” Chris Masers said “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror of reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another“. The Elevate festival in its 16th anniversary is extraordinary in varied aspects as it annually presents a unique combination of critical political discourse, technology, art and contemporary music. No wonder it impacts is felt positively in Graz city and it environment. I encourage other festival over the world to follow the examples of the innovative skills of Daniel Erracher and his terms. This festival resonates with it environment as Graz is universally known for its lively creative scene and internationally renowned education and research institutions. No. wonder, Graz’s designation as UNESCO city of design.
My Climate story
After completion of high school, I applied to study Agricultural economics at a federal institution in Markudi, the capital of Benue state (one of North central states) In Nigeria Benue State is known as the “Food Basket” of the Nature as it prides itself with highest number of farmers and amiable lands. In my field work (extension services), I often visit farmlands and saw the negative impact of climate crises. Then come the farmers-herdsmen crises! The herdsmen migrated southwards towards the central states for the Northern Nigeria due to the climate crises and desertification. This has led to competition for lands and arable land between the both. The crises have led to the tens of thousands of death since its peak in 2016.
         Personally I spent extra one year due to the conflict affecting my education and socio-economics life then reading the negative impact of climate change as released by the “Special report on global warming of 1.5oc by IPCC”, I suddenly determined to fight climate crises by rising the impact of climate change on peace and political stability in sub-Saharan African. Then I joined Fridaysforfuture as the first African & Climate Striker on 2018.
My works as ecofominist.
I first became on ecofeminist when in April 14, 2014 Boko Haram (a terror group) kidnap 314 school girls indefinitely this brought about the international outcry leading to the creation of #bringbackourgirls. Climate change is a breeder of conflicts inducing young and illiterate groups to take up arms against their state. Since the lunch of international campaign against Boko Haram, and my studies in Agriculture, I have been studying the impact of climate change, conflicts on women and girls rights. Women’s right are the most affected in environmental crises arising for negative impact of climate change. Women are closer to the nature and a crisis in the environment makes her less protective. Climate crises is affecting every parts of the world but only in Africa is climate change leading to armed conflict and armed conflict leading to climate change especially in sub-Saharan African.
         In Nigeria particularly, the Niger Delta crises, farmers-herdsmen crises, the rise of armed banditry, Boko Haram crises are all due to climate crises which of hundred of thousands of lives have been killed. In the lake chad region. The climate crises has been rated as the largest humanitarian crises the world is facing displacing 7.2 millions people of which women and children are mostly affected. I commend the efforts of African union and it leaders for organizing “Silencing the guns as the theme of its 2020 conference” as what is possible through climate action. Not all conflicts are caused by climate crises but conflict ravaging the African continents especially sub-Saharan continents is due to interestedness of resource control-climate crises. Climate change crises leading the “Darwinian” struggle for survival or fight for resources leading to survival of the fittest.
Why we need green democracy
With the effect of climate crises unaddressed and leading to conflicts and poverty, we need a democracy that is only for the people, since people does not constitute, nature only. Nature is constituted by human beings and the environment. Democracy is becoming a failure overtime because it is depend on the people only. It most includes environment. Hence the environment is important economically, biologically, culturally and socially.
Hence a democracy neglecting environment will be in vain. Furthermore the impact of climate change on the destruction of mankind is known by world leaders like Bill Clinton when he said “First, I worry about climate change, it is the only thing I believe has the power to fundamentally end the March of civilization and make a lot of the other efforts irreverent and impossible” Hence,   green democracy is the “saving grace” to a troubled world full of violence. As it is an ecofeministic solution to crises of our world, being the government of the people and environment by the people and environment and for the people and environment.
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Oladosu Adenike is a peace activist & ecofeminist

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