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Why WomenandCrisis Blog is Important

Oladosu Adenike (Email)
       Since the creation of “mankind”, women and girls have been faced with a lot of crises. This have ranged from domestic violence, sex slavery and trafficking, inequality in political representation, poverty (due to adverse climate change), war and conflicts. The women folk have seen its crises metamorphosing from one generation to the other; this have brought about some “divide and rule system” of gender governance. Hence the need for the creation of a womenandcrises blogspot that relate women and girls issue to the public through the various crises she faces in the contemporary world. Also, this blogspot sees women as equal as the mankind and seeks to eliminate all dark areas that negate women’s empowerment in the society through active participation in fighting against gender – based violence, promoting sound environmental policies through negating the effect of climate change and agro ecological problems and other issues.
       Furthermore, womenandcrises blogspot campaign against the syndrome of gender slavery that result from agro ecological problems. It relates that a fight against climate change is a fight for both male and female equality and empowerment. This blogspot reason that since the African continent is worst hit by the adverse effects of climate change and it attendant ecological effects, it is effective to stand from against it long standing effect on the continent. The crises of child marriage, poverty, low agricultural and the various wars in Africa can be simply related to the agro ecological problem it faces and invariably climate change. From available statistics, the lake Chad basin “was” a home for agricultural activities for 40 millions people. Today, it has lot it strength to one-tenth it volume and this is linked to invariably climate change (Intense heat). It attendant effects is the Boko haram, where may young and promising girls and women have been enslaved, killed and kidnapped. Due to the adverse of climate change, may have lost their livelihood, leading to increase poverty. This blogspot looks at this burning issues, discuss on solutions and seeks on partnership with the government, international bodies, well-meaning world citizens and academics.
When we joke with women and crises, we joke with our future. We can only have sustainable development when we attend to issues that draw women and girls backward. The blogspot accept that the male counter part most be brought together to fight challenges women faces in the world. To eliminate women crises such as rape, sexism, poverty, violence against women we must be actively participate in various decision making processes. This is what womenandcrisis blogspot does.

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