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Why I am an Eco-feminist


According to Martin Luther King say ''our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter '' as an Eco-feminist I wish not be silent about those things that matters to the growth of our world. Being an Eco-feminist relate to using the feminist approach in understanding ecological issues . In every environmental issues, there is always women crisis or equally women crisis leads to environmental crisis and other issue. According to Shiva Vandana ''women are subsistence economies''. A lot of environmental challenges affect the society today, as Eco-feminism relates to women since girls and women are at the 'centrepiece' of most environmental issues. These challenges includes gradual removal of Ozone layer, flooding, wide fire (due to intense heating), droughts and land degradation.
     Women and girls are the initiator of the climate change crisis but are the first victim of every environmental crisis. The environmental impacts of the climate change crises dis-appropriately affect us socially, economically and culturally. Available records have shown that women and girls are victims of agro-ecological problem facing Africa. This have resulted into massive displacement of people from their homes and this have led to the growth of refuge camps where the security of their lives is threaten.
    Since it takes 80% of women and girls to be displaced by climate change, it means we cannot solve climate change crisis if the welfare of women and girls are left out as such, gender based violence can not be solved if the various environmental situation are not solved. I have a dream, a dream where every girl and woman rights are equal as to their rights to environmental protection; I strongly believe this can be achieved through Eco-feminism. After a series of thoughts and reflections on path to create change that will influence other sustainable development goals, I choose to be a gender activist and an environmentalist. The world is currently in a gender and environmental crisis, hence we need  Eco-feminist solutions at the centre of it all.
By Oladosu Adenike(Email)

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