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A Story of 40 years of Water Scarcity in Danya

After 40 years of water scarcity, comes water in Danya

A relief in sight after the Danya community in the Northeastern part of Nigeria from the Bichi local government area of Kano state got water for the first time in 40 years. Those years of water scarcity have taken a toll on the livelihood of these people, especially the farmers. At the same time, these 40 years could mean young girls dropping out of school to get water which in return could be sexually violated. Before the intervention, young girls have to walk several distances up to 6 kilometers to get water in the neighboring villages. Those number of hours spent to get water and other resources could have rather been used to focus on their education and for self-empowerment. But the story is changed with the intervention of a solar borehole.

This is one of it kinds of initiatives that are needed to remove the burden that women and girls are faced with to access water and resources to stabilize the family. The closer the resources, the more it reduces the number of hours women spend to get those resources which could help to increase women's participation in environmental protection and other activities. This in return could better improve the life of the people in the community and the livelihood as well. Those number of hours that were wasted could now be converted into productive activities. Danya is one of the arid regions that takes you to dig more than 500 meters to get water.

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