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Violation of Woman’s Right: An Eco-femnnistic word view


 By Oladosu Adenike (Email)

According to Melinda gates, “A woman with a voice, by definition a strong woman” so likewise is a grossly violation of women’s right in the world due to silencing of their voices. The purpose of violating women right is to make them voiceless and hence weak. All round the world, women are known to be the “weaker sex” due to their rights been violated or not respected or masculine view of women as “sex bag” to be punched at anytime. In Africa, there is a wide gap between women and their male counterpart through it is not religious bound but has to do with insecurity, poverty, tradition, inequality, climate change, illiteracy and each of education. If any of these issues could not be resolved it will lead to a catastrophic and layer for the girls and women folk.
Insecurity Conflict and Wars
       As an eco feminist, the trio of insecurity, conflict and wars are political disagreement within an environmental and feministic implication (that is on girl and women). This is because women, girls and the environments are seen as the unholy victims of conflict and it “attendant” effects. In Nigeria, since the civil war (1967-1970) the Niger delta region (Geographically South-South) have witnesses agitation against climate change and environment degeneration necessitating a militancy conflict and an irreparable conflict on the environment breeding agitation for resources control. The conflict have brought about massive rape and reoccurring incident on women’s right in the religion. The recent Boko haram conflict have had it toes on the environment and women’s security, finance and education. The commonality of the two crises is that women and the environment are worst “de-based” by this conflict since men and boys are the controllers and commandants of conflicts. The violation charges far rape culture, treating woman as spout of wars destruction of their ecosystem and even sex trading and slavery.
Climate change and poverty eradication: it is universally known that poverty is related to adverse climate change in Africa. This is because adverse climate change brings about expansive desert, thereby  reducing the continent agricultural yield. Unfortunately, woman are the center of poverty – since it is a “malely” role to be provider of house finance. According to the respected UN scribe, ”saving our planet lifting out of poverty, advancing economic growth--- these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortage global hearth food security and human empowerment. Solution to one problem most be solution to all”. Human empowerment financially through industrialization must look through an eco feministic  view since it gives human power to own finance through agricultural and ” chair “ the country’s sub trainable development. In African, Empowerment through an eco feministic world view will see her less dependent on their husbands,father or brother for finance thereby empowering her.          

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